Estupendo piano digital de estudio con ritmos y tapa retráctil. F-13 technical specifications Teaching type, traditional grand triangle piano timbre and touch, Concert Hall effect, profession...
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Estupendo piano digital de estudio con ritmos y tapa retráctil.

F-13 technical specifications

Teaching type, traditional grand triangle piano timbre and touch, Concert Hall effect, professional active sound, easy and comfortable interpretation

Source: Pearl River Emerson independently developed the spectrum insertion synthesis technology DSP sound source, the famous German grand triangle piano timbre sampling, 10-layer dynamic wave table, string overtone resonance analog sound source technology.

Characteristic of the piano body: New design of the piano body, including wooden independent speaker structure, three rows of button side control panel, LCD color Chinese display screen, folding key cover.

Keyboard: Italy imported 88Grand-Response Keychain keypad dynamic touch key heavy hammer dynamic keyboard

Polyphony number: 512 polyphony number

Model song: 120 demonstration songs, 100 teaching songs

Timbre: 156 kinds of timbre, including 128GM standard MIDI, 17 kinds of national timbre, 10 percussion instruments, 1 sets of effect timbre.

Rhythm: 120 kinds, world style, including national rhythm and piano accompaniment.

Strength: 5 kinds of piano intensity curves, starting with default, light, standard, heavy and intensity.

Recording function: computer program recording and playback system, 2-track recording, synchronous recording of melody track and accompaniment track, recording and playback, single track 22,000 notes (USB MIDI computer status, can realize song recording and storage, support 64-track 16-channel MIDI recording, support MIDI 0-1 format file, GM international standard, can also realize system expansion and storage. Upgrade)

Timbre control: Triangle piano, timbre, double tone, double keyboard, double keyboard function adjustable separation point.

Double tone: piano playing with strings background tone, users can edit multiple combinations of timbre.

Keyboard Separation: Double piano, homophonic range. Keyboard can be divided into two same pitch zone functions, Four-Hand play, string repetition, orchestral ensemble, piano + violin, Guitar + Violin playing, which can achieve multiple combinations.

Volume control: master volume, night playing adjustable volume control.

Transposition: 25 stalls, (0, -/+12)

Eight degrees: 3 eight degrees, (-8, 0, +8)

Effect function: 64 level depth reverberation, 64 level deep chorus.

Metronome: according to the beat, it sends out strong and weak ticks, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, beat speed 20-280.

Pedal function: imitate the traditional grand triangle piano pedal function, can realize the weak tone pedal, select the delayed tone pedal, delayed tone pedal function

Headphones: Dual headphones interface, one of which is silent interface, the built-in speaker system after connecting the headphones is invalid; the other interface is listening interface, when using the speaker and headphones to synchronize sound, using the main volume setting button to adjust the volume of the headphones.

Bluetooth Player: With Bluetooth Player, the piano music in mobile phones and tablets can be played through Bluetooth transmission.

Interface: USB interface, pedal interface, power interface, headphone interface, line input / output interface

USB interface: as a slave device to connect with computers or intelligent devices, to achieve the application effect of GM standard sound source or the interaction between the device and intelligent devices (Note: Software support is needed).

MIDI keyboard: through the connection of USB and computer, the arranger can be realized to facilitate the needs of composers.

Audio input: it can support MP3/MP4/DVD/PC, /IPAD/IPHONE and other audio loading.

Sound system: two frequency four horn surround sound.

Voltage: AC 220V

Power: 70W

Size: 1365*355*795 (mm, length * width * height)

Weight: 47kg

Accessories: power cord, warranty card, certificate of conformity, instruction manual.


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